What is Greenwood Hypnotherapy all About?

Why people choose The Greenwood Hypnotherapy Clinic

We Offer:

  • Modern, air conditioned practice
  • Warm, friendly, considerate staff members
  • Complementary hot beverages and water on your arrival
  • Convenient flexible opening times, including those that do not interfere with your daily work and life commitments
  • Fixed affordable fees
  • Centrally located within easy reach of rail, road and bus routes
  • 24 hour call answering service

What Separates Us From the Rest?

  • We offer a unique service in a friendly, personal and outgoing environment
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee! We cannot guarantee your results, but we can guarantee you will be treated like a VIP
  • Most practices charge in excess of £100 for an initial consultation. We offer a new patient online special rate for just £45. Click HERE
  • We invest heavilly in our practice to ensure the latest information and technology to improve our patients’ lives
  • Same day emergency appointments available
  • We have in excess of fifteen years of experience, including continual courses to develop new skills and stay abreast with new techniques

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We want you to be able to easily and naturally make those changes, imagine being able to use proven simple techniques to overcome those problem areas, leaving you refreshed and energised, able to deal with life’s opportunities.

The evidence base of properly conducted studies is the basis for our treatments. We use a mix of hypnotherapy and subliminal messages to help change the way you feel about problem issues. The first visit is designed to find out why you have come in and how the problem is affecting you. Most problems have more than one symptom, so you may want to stop smoking and lose weight. You may want to be less anxious and lose weight, or you may want to gain weight and be more confident in public.

The approach used in this clinic is to address the problem that is affecting you and also any deeper underlying issues such as lack of confidence. The evidence base is large and well documented, following it gives a rational logical approach, we know that anxiety derived disorders are more responsive and serious psychopathic disorders are less so ,or not at all. As an example “ fear of flying” can probably be helped , however if you think you are hearing voices telling you to fly, then you need a different type of help.